Good Fish - Wild Tuna


Good Fish Wild Skipjack Tuna is among the world's most delicious eating tuna. It is fished seasonally off the coast of the Canary Islands in full-sustainable fishing zones using ancient line-and-pole techniques, ensuring each catch is entirely dolphin safe.  The Tuna is processed in nearby Spain using traditional hand-filleting techniques. These fillets are wonderful to eat simply taken from the jar, or in pasta dishes, salads, with rice or quinoa or any way you like it. 
Ingredients: Wild caught 100% skip-jack tuna.
  • Each fish is hand-packed in organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Product comes in a 195g glass jar
  • No additives, nothing artificial, no nasties
  • Wild, hand-caught and sustainable stock
  • Processed artisanally in Spain in ethical conditions