Star Anise Wholefood's Organic Chicken Broth - 500ml


Staranise Wholefoods

This is a product that requires refrigeration. Please make sure you're home on the day of your delivery.

Star Anise Wholefood's broth is Australian Certified Organic, 100% Australian grown, made and packed and free from FODMAPs, gluten, dairy and preservatives.

Bone broth (or stock) is an age-old elixir of health, consumed by traditional societies the world over. Rich in collagen, gelatin and complex flavours, bone broth is comforting, nourishing and satisfying. Broth has a myriad of health benefits including supporting strong immunity, balancing out muscle meat and egg intake, helping to build, maintain and repair our osteo-skeletal system, promoting healthy digestive function, making skin and hair glow, and calming the nervous system.

Our chicken broth is long slow simmered for 16-18 hours using chicken frames from 100% pastured chickens ethically raised on a certified organic farm. The most popular and palatable broth in our range, chicken broth is affectionally known as Jewish penicillin and a hug in a mug.

Sold in a 500ml ($14) or 1L ($24) glass jar.

Serve: Gently heat and consume 1-2 cups per day as a stand alone hot drink (I love mine with a good squeeze of lemon juice, Cypriot style) or use as the base for soups and casseroles for added flavour and nutrients. 

Storage: Sold refrigerated. One year fridge stable. Consume within 7 days of opening lid.

Ingredients: filtered water, pastured chicken bones* and pink lake salt. *certified organic