The Magic Mike Box


Renowned bodybuilder Mike Pearson is only weeks away from participating in the IFBB Pro League Australia 2021 Season A.
Diet and nutrition play a vital role in contributing to his meticulously crafted physique.

You can now shop Magic Mike's Box!

A carefully customised curation of Mike's staples that he loves and devours every week in preparation for competing.

100% certified organic, as always.

1kg bananas, 1kg zucchini, 1kg carrots, 1 x cauliflower, 1 x lettuce, 1 x parsley, 2 x silverbeet, 2 x kale, 1 x punnet baby salad, 1 x punnet baby spinach , 2 x strawberry punnets, 1 x dozen eggs

*Mike is not included with purchase.
Contents may vary slightly due to seasonal availability.